Breathe Easy With Better Indoor Air Quality

Rely on us for indoor air quality services in Poughkeepsie & Peekskill, NY

You could be breathing in mold spores and dust without even knowing it. Avoid this by calling Mastercraft Contracting & Remodeling, INC for our air quality services. We'll install technology that filters and cleans your air so you don't have to worry.

Let us take care of:

Mold remediation
HVAC upgrades
Filter changes
Indoor air quality testing

We'll let you know about our findings so you can stay knowledgeable about the air quality in your home and what you can do about it.

Call now to request our indoor air quality services in Poughkeepsie or Peekskill, NY.

Combat humidity in your basement with our help

Combat humidity in your basement with our help

No one likes sticky, humid air. You can make your home more comfortable with a dehumidifier replacement. We'll install a new dehumidifier in your home to keep you and your family happy no matter how humid it gets outside. Get rid of that damp basement smell with a new dehumidifier. We install high-quality dehumidifiers to help with damp musty basements.

Maybe you have the opposite problem, and the air in your home is too dry. We can install a humidifier to make sure you don't have to deal with dry air and potential nosebleeds.

Contact us today to arrange for a dehumidifier replacement in Poughkeepsie or Fairview, NY.